We provide full legal service. We specialize in providing services for entrepreneurs, both commercial corporations and physical individuals being self-employed. We also give legal support to physical individuals concerning cases of a private nature.

Complete offer for Entrepreneurs

Our offer includes writing and assessing contracts, conducting legal cases and receivables recovery. We provide legal advice and expertise in the client’s premices which enables various company departments to solve their legal queries starting from the Directors office (organisational matters, formal letters to National Court Register, representation in offices) going through sales department (negotiations, assessment and preparation of contracts), HR department (Labour and Social Insurance Law), accountancy department (debt recovery, tax law) and finally production and supply department (contracts, intellectual property).

We also participate in negotiations while signing new contracts and settlement negotiations that should lead to out-of-court settlement of dispute or else recovery of the dues.

Legal representation in courts

The legal services provided for our clients also include standing in as advocates in court, but also as barristers in criminal cases as well as petty cases.

Civil Law

We conduct all cases concerning civil law: obligations (contracts, illicit acts, unjustified enrichment, etc.), cases concerning property law including establishment and annulment of appurtenant and personal easement, and also succession including confirmation of acquisition of an inheritance and compulsory portion on an inheritance.

Commercial and Economic Law

We have the knowledge and the experience in the area of setting up ventures, joining them or changing their status as well as their day to day activity and organization including preparation of acts of companies’ board of management and participation in management or stakeholders’ meetings and discussions. We have practical experience in enterprise performance and conducting their cases in commercial proceedings.

Labour and Social Insurance Law

We provide help to parties in employment relation (employees and employers) in disputes concerning salaries, compensation, stating the existence of employment relation, recognising a notice as ineffective as well as in cases involving appeals against work employment notice. Our service also includes appeals against decisions made by Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych (Social Insurance Department).

Public Procurement Law

Our service includes other branches of law such as public procurement law where we can offer legal help both to the tenders’ organisers as well as the bidders. This help includes preparing the legal remedies (legal protection measures) in proceedings concerning appeals for tenders examined by National Appeal Chamber at the Public Procurement Office and by Regional Court in Warsaw.

Intellectual Property Law

Ponadto prowadzimy indywidualne sprawy z zakresu prawa własności intelektualnej: prawa autorskiego (autorskie prawa majątkowe, licencje, prawa pokrewne, wykonania artystyczne), prawa własności przemysłowej (licencje, znaki towarowe).


We also conduct cases that concern administrative law for example: compensation for acquisition of immovable property, appeals and claims against decisions of administrative departments involving building cases, permissions and licences as well as cases concerning tax law. In addition, we provide legal help in dispute cases with banks or other financial institutions and suppliers of public services.

Legal service in English and Russian

We also provide legal service in English and Russian.